Buy amitamin in the United States or Canada?

buy amitamin in the USAAre you interested in buying amitamin products and live in the United States or in Canada? We are very sorry, but this is not possible at the moment.

The reason is twofold:

  1. We do not have a packaging that is in line with US FDA regulations, but that is in line with European Union legislation. The differences are small, e.g. there are slightly different nutritional reference values and there are other standard informational phrases that have to be on the packaging.
  2. Shipping prices from our German logistics centre to the US are very high. But even if you would be willing to pay shipping costs of around 25 USD, the parcel would still not pass US or Canadian customs due to the first point mentioned.

Having said that, we cannot ship to the USA or Canada, or anywhere else outside Europe.

Is there another way to buy amitamin products in the USA or Canada?

What is possible is that if you travel to Europe, you may purchase the products here and bring them with your luggage back to North America. If you take an amount that is not commercial but for private use, probably up to twelve packages, there should be no problems at the customs. All ingredients are registered as food supplements and the formula and ingredients would certainly be in line with US regulations. But: the packagin is not, so we cannot do any commercial shipping.

You may also have a friend or relative in Europe. That person could also buy the products and send a private parcel to Canada or the USA. This parcel should pass customs without any problems. We already tested this way of sending products to friends in the USA.

Is there a  Distributor in the United States or Canada?

Unfortunately not at this point of time. If you represent a Distributor, please do not hesitate to contact us.